May 6

ONLY give any of us that you please some illiterate person for an antagonist, and he will not find out how to treat him. But when he hath a little moved the man, if he happens to answer beside the purpose, he knows not how to deal with him any further; but either reviles or laughs at him, and says, "He is an illiterate fellow; there is no making anything of him." Yet a guide, when he perceives his charge going out of the way, doth not revile and ridicule and then leave him; but leads him into the right path. Do you also show your antagonist the truth, and you will see that he will follow. But till you do show it, do not ridicule him; but rather be sensible of your own incapacity.

EPICTETUS. DISCOURSES. Book ii. §12. ¶1.


  1. Summary: When you perceive someone going the wrong way, doth not revile and ridicule and then leave him; but lead him into the right path.

    We cannot truly say that we are following the path of the Stoics until we are willing to lead, not push, others to it. Example is the only way to invite others to follow.

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