May 17

PRISCUS HELVIDIUS, when Vespasian had sent to forbid his going to the senate, answered, "It is in your power to prevent my continuing a senator; but while I am one, I must go." "Well then, at least be silent there."—" Do not ask my opinion, and I will be silent."—"But I must ask it."—" And I must speak what appears to me to be right."—"But if you do, I will put you to death."—" Did I ever tell you that I was immortal? You will do your part, and I mine: It is yours to kill, and mine to die intrepid; yours to banish me, mine to depart untroubled."

What good, then, did Priscus do, who was but a single person? Why what good does the purple do to the garment? What but the being a shining character in himself, and setting a good example to others? Another, perhaps, if in such circumstances Caesar had forbidden his going to the senate, would have answered, “I am obliged to you for excusing me." But such a one he would not have forbidden to go, well knowing that he would either sit like a statue, or, if he spoke, he would say what he knew to be agreeable to Caesar, and would overdo it by adding still more.



  1. P: There are many unsung heroes, who have influence one person by their good character. Their lives will have been worthwhile.

    M: There seems to be a quest for the 15 minutes of fame everyone was promised by McLuhan. But they seem to have forgotten that it is what you were famous *for* that matters.

  2. One must live your life true to the virtues. Without a moral compass to guide your life we often flounder upon the rocks. We must steer with the virtues always in mind, making the necessary course corrections along the way.

    May I live my life today shored up with the virtues as my rudder.

  3. Quote: What good is it to be the purple thread in the garment? To be a shining proof your own character, and a good example to others.

    When you are guided by your own inner compass, by the Virtues granted to all human, and strive for excellence in performing your duties and task, you prove, to yourself, the brilliant character that lies with you. This is the only testimony that the world needs of your resolve and dedication, and the only one that matters.

  4. Very well said Michel.

    I have grown tired of being 'agreeable to Caesar' and as I have moved more into stocism I have found myself feeling the need, at times, to speak my own opinion in places I feel are in dire need of better opinions. Especially where religion is concerned.

    Too many humans are not aware of those Virtues granted to ALL humans.