April 29

IT would be best if, both while you are personally making your preparations, and while you are feasting at table, you could give among the servants part of what is before you. But, if such a thing be difficult at that time, remember that you, who are not weary, are attended by those who are; you, who are eating and drinking, by those who are not; you, who are talking, by those who are silent; you, who are at ease, by those who are under constraint; and thus you will never be heated into any unreasonable passion yourself, nor do any mischief by provoking another.



  1. When we are served others, remeber that they are as worthy of respect as we feel we are. When we serve others in our work, do we not desire respect? All who serve us, and all those whom we serve, have minds and hearts, dreams and disappointments. When they fail, as we sometimes fail, let us be patient, understanding, helpful. Don't provoke shame, nor succumb to anger, for these actions speak more of our weakness than of their imperfections. - Lessons from Epictetus

  2. I think this message is especially important during this pandemic. Recognition of (and gratitude for) the frontline workers who are keeping us going, fed, and healthy, is critical. We need these constant reminders that we hold each other up.