April 27

FOR how much are lettuces sold? A halfpenny, for instance. If another, then, paying a halfpenny, takes the lettuces, and you, not paying it, go without them, do not imagine that he hath gained any advantage over you. For as he hath the lettuces, so you have the halfpenny which you did not give. So, in the present case, you have not been invited to such a person's entertainment, because you have not paid him the price for which a supper is sold. It is sold for praise; it is sold for attendance. Give him then the value, if it be for your advantage. But if you would, at the same time, not pay the one and yet receive the other, you are insatiable, and a blockhead. Have you nothing, then, instead of the supper ? Yes, indeed, you have: the not praising him, whom you do not like to praise; the not bearing with his behaviour at coming in.



  1. Summary: "If another, paying the price, receives, and you, not paying it, do not receive, don't imagine that he has gained an advantage."

    All things come at a price, even those that are worthy of pursuit. If you would have a chance at income and employment, you must pay the price of education, skills acquisition, integrity, perseverance, sociability and vision. And even then, you have only paid for the chance, for fortune may remove them from your grasp, or may change the asking price. That is her prerogative. Yours is to determine what price you are willing to pay.

  2. My spin:

    If you want to be loved you must do everything to be worthy of that love. If you want to have friendship you must do all you can to be a true friend and worthy of that friendship. You are still at the whim of fortune but you will be a much better person and worthy of love, friendship, etc. when and if it comes your way.