April 22

You are carrying about a god with you, and you know it not. Do you think that I mean some God of silver or of gold, and external? You carry him within yourself, and you perceive not that you are polluting him by impure thoughts and dirty deeds.


Have you not God with you? and do you seek for any other, when you have him? or will God tell you anything else than this? If you were a statue of Phidias, either Athena or Zeus, you would think both of yourself and of the artist, and if you had any understanding you would try to do nothing unworthy of him who made you or of yourself, and try not to appear in an unbecoming dress to those who look on you. But now because Zeus has made you, for this reason, do you care not how you shall appear?


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  1. We have an inate sense of the best we can be, our own 'inner god.' Yet we don't honour that pontential! When we eat, drink, and all actions - do we strive to meet that lofty standard? Do we fight agaist the entrpy of the universe, if only for the short time we have?