January 29

DIFFICULTIES are the things that show what men are. For the future, on any difficulty, remember that God, like a master of exercise, has engaged you with a rough antagonist. For what end? That you may be a conqueror like one in the Olympic games, and it cannot be without toil. No man, in my opinion, has a more advantageous difficulty on his hands than you have; provided you will but use it as an athletic champion doth his antagonist.



  1. If only we could always remember this perspective when we are going through difficulties. Unfortunately, we often forget and see our difficulties as obstacles rather than motivators. I hope to remember this for the future.

  2. Thanks for the reflection..all trials I face today are training, fire forges steal.. as long as I 1.stop it 2.strip it and 3.take a cosmic view of it.. I must give myself time to pause, the more I practice this, the more I improve, until over time if I'm diligent! It becomes second nature..thanks again! Love stoicism