January 12

THAT which is chief in every man's constitution, is, that he intend the common good. The second is, that he yield not to any lusts and motions of the flesh. For it is the part and privilege of the reasonable and intellective faculty, that she can so bound herself, as that neither the sensitive, nor the appetitive faculties, may not anywise prevail upon her. For both these are brutish. And therefore over both she challengeth mastery, and cannot anywise endure, if in her right temper, to be subject unto either.


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  1. Brutality of nature is taught and civilized into us. Let us live each day with a thought to the common good of all. If we were able to live this concept the world would be a much brighter and kinder place. Health, wealth and care for all. That each person would have his needs met and even have a few of his wants and desires for this life met.

    Let us strive to actions that help to ensure or support this effort. Reducing consumption, reusing, recycling and not rushing out to buy the latest mass produced product. Thinking about where a product has come from and what the implications are on our local and world economy before we purchase. Growing our own food as much as we can and buying locally to support our local economy and reduce the burden on our natural resources.

    So much to think of but the principle of mindfulness will help us to bring these considerations to the forefront with each decision.