January 1

IN the morning as soon as thou art awaked, when thy judgment, before either thy affections, or external objects have wrought upon it, is yet most free and impartial: put this question to thyself, whether if that which is right and just be done, the doing of it by thyself, or by others when thou art not able thyself, be a thing material or no. For sure it is not. And as for these that keep such a life, and stand so much upon the praises, or dispraises of other men, hast thou forgotten what manner of men they be: that such and such upon their beds, and such at their board: what their ordinary actions are: what they pursue after, and what they fly from: what thefts and rapines they commit, if not with their hands and feet, yet with that more precious part of theirs, their minds: which (would it but admit of them) might enjoy faith, modesty, truth, justice, a good spirit.



  1. What a wonderful reading to start the New Year off. It really puts into perspective what is important and what I want to focus on this year. Living true to my nature, my true nature. Not what others want me to be but what I truly am. That is the great quest for me to discover who I truly am under all the expectations of Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter and Friend.

  2. "that more precious part... their minds"

    Intellectual Honesty. That is what is at stake here. Do we go on with what is convenient, what is merely present, or do we challenge the state of our own lives, and align our deeds with our minds?

    What is the price we pay for posturing and posing? What is the cost of conformity, for community? Have I sold my soul for a mess of mental porridge?