December 9

DO not you know that both sickness and death must overtake us? At what employment? The husbandman at his plough; the sailor on his voyage. At what employment would you be taken? For, indeed, at what employment ought you to be taken? If there is any better employment at which you can be taken, follow that. For my own part, I would be taken engaged in nothing, but in the care of my own faculty of choice ; how to render it undisturbed, unrestrained, uncompelled, free. I would be found studying this, that I may be able to say to God, "Have I transgressed Thy commands? Have I perverted the powers, the senses, the preconceptions which Thou hast given me? Have I ever accused Thee, or censured Thy dispensations?"

EPICTETUS. DISCOURSES. Book iii. §5. ¶1.

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  1. Don't you know that sickness and death will overtake each of us? Should we not then be employed at what concerns us now, rather than concerned about what will inevitably come to us? It is not length of a life that is the measure of it's fulfillement, but the use to which the time we have now is put. - Lessons from Epictetus