December 7

O MY soul, the time I trust will be, when thou shalt be good, simple, single, more open and visible, than that body by which it is enclosed. Thou wilt one day be sensible of their happiness, whose end is love, and their affections dead to all worldly things. Thou shalt one day be full, and in want of no external thing : not seeking pleasure from anything, either living or insensible, that this World can afford ; neither wanting time for the continuation of thy pleasure, nor place and opportunity, nor the favour either of the weather or of men. When thou shalt have content in thy present estate, and all things present shall add to thy content: when thou shalt persuade thyself, that thou hast all things; all for thy good, and all by the providence of the gods: and of things future also shalt be as confident, that all will do well, as tending to the maintenance and preservation in some sort, of his perfect welfare and happiness, who is perfection of life, of goodness, and beauty; Who begets all things, and containeth all things in himself, and in himself doth recollect all things from all places that are dissolved, that of them he may beget others again like unto them. Such one day shall be thy disposition, that thou shalt be able, both in regard of the gods, and in regard of men, so to fit and order thy conversation, as neither to complain of them at any time, for anything that they do; nor to do anything thyself, for which thou mayest justly be condemned.



  1. Michael;
    I haven't been here in a while but it's good to see your project is still up and running. I will be a more regular reader for edification from the "Words of the Ancient Wise".
    Thanks for your work.

    1. Thanks for posting and reading Michael. Yes the project is still moving forward and Michel and I look forward to reading your comments.


  2. In reading this I am reminded of the old hymn... "It Is Well With My Soul"... to have the contentment and peace in life to say "whatever my lot" it is well it is well with my Soul. My goal in life is to be able to find peace in the small things, contentment in the moments, true appreciation for my blessings.