December 24

CAN death be terrible to him, to whom that only seems good, which in the ordinary course of nature is seasonable? to him, to whom, whether his actions be many or few, so they be all good, is all one; and who whether he behold the things of the world being always the same either for many years, or for few years only, is altogether indifferent? O man! as a Citizen thou hast lived, and conversed in this great City the World. Whether just for so many years, or no, what is it unto thee? Thou hast lived (thou mayest be sure) as long as the Laws, and Orders of the City required; which may be the common comfort of all. Why then should it be grievous unto thee, if (not a Tyrant, nor an unjust Judge, but) the same nature that brought thee in, doth now send thee out of the world? As if the Praetor should fairly dismiss him from the stage, whom he had taken in to act a while. Oh, but the play is not yet at an end, there are but three Acts yet acted of it? Thou hast well said: for in matter of life, three Acts is the whole Play. Now to set a certain time to every man's acting, belongs unto Him only, who as first He was of thy composition, so is now the cause of thy dissolution. As for thyself, thou hast to do with neither. Go thy ways then well pleased and contented: for so is He that dismisseth thee.



  1. hmmm while reading this quote this morning Mike and I were both reminded of a famous shakespeare quote... Was Shakespeare inspired by Marcus Aurelius? Such a famous sentiment and inspired by a stoic leader.

    We are here to play our part in the comedy of life and once our part is done we must exit stage right. Perhaps to continue on in a different play or perhaps our light is extinguished. Either way it is of no concern as we have to embrace the inevitability of death in order to live fully.

  2. All the world's a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances;
    And one man in his time plays many parts...

    But not MERELY players. We are chosen, cast, and singularly equipped to play the part we have been given. Nature directs it to be so. It is an honour to even be on the stage, at one time the lead, another supporting, at times a walk on part. The lines are there, written. Your part is to play virtue personified, wisdom and patience, vision and truth, courage and temperance. We are the actors, we are the audience, the Gods the directors, and Logos the playwrite.