December 18

LET that of Heraclitus never be out of thy mind, that the death of earth, is water, and the death of water, is air; and the death of air, is fire; and so on the contrary. Remember him also who was ignorant whither the way did lead, and how that Reason being the thing, by which all things in the world are administered, and which men are continually and most inwardly conversant with: yet is the thing, which ordinarily they are most in opposition with, and how those things which daily happen among them, cease not daily to be strange unto them, and that we should not either speak, or do anything as men in their sleep, by opinion and bare imagination: for then we think we speak and do, and that we must not be as children, who follow their father's example; for best reason alleging barely this: As by tradition from our forefathers we have received it.



  1. In all things we must try to use reason and choose the best most virtuous action. If we can but learn to count to three at all times we will give ourselves the time needed to cease harsh and unreasoned action.

    Definitely something to continue to strive for in the New Year coming!

  2. It does point out a kind of odd perversity to humankind, that we both desire reason and run from it. I guess that is where the power of askesis lies; if we can habituate reason it will become easier. Or so I hope!

  3. "What did you learn today? Did you learn to believe or did you learn to think?"