December 13

LET it be thy earnest and incessant care as a Roman and a man to perform whatsoever it is that thou art about, with true and unfeigned gravity, natural affection, freedom and justice: and as for all other cares, and imaginations, how thou mayest ease thy mind of them. Which thou shalt do; if thou shalt go about every action as thy last action, free from all vanity, all passionate and wilful aberration from reason, and from all hypocrisy, and self-love, and dislike of those things, which by the fates, or appointment of God, have happened unto thee.


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  1. To "seize the day" as if every day is our last day on this earth. All of the little vanities and time wasters would fall by the wayside in our quest to make every moment and second count on our last day with our loved ones and friends. It is definitely a sobering thought.