December 10

I HAVE been sick, because it was Thy pleasure; and so have others, but I willingly. I have been poor, it being Thy will, but with joy. I have not been in power, because it was not Thy will; and power I have never desired. Hast Thou ever seen me out of humour upon this account? Have I not always approached thee with a cheerful countenance, prepared to execute Thy commands and the significations of Thy will? Is it Thy pleasure that I should depart from this assembly? I depart. I give Thee all thanks that Thou hast thought me worthy to have a share in it with Thee; to behold Thy works, and to join with Thee in comprehending Thy administration." Let death overtake me while I am thinking, while I am writing, while I am reading such things as these.

EPICTETUS. DISCOURSES. Book iii. §5. ¶1.

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