August 3

WILL you say, Hath no one any regard for me, a man of letters? Why, you are wicked, and fit for no use. Just as if wasps should take it ill that no one hath any regard for them, but all shun, and whoever can beats them down. You have such a sting, that whoever you strike with it is thrown into troubles and pangs. What would you have us do with you?



  1. Ouch, this alone should be motivation to be someone that only the best things are said of them. When I am laid to rest I hope that it would be said that I was a true friend, a good person, a wonderful wife and mother, a loyal employee.

    What a fitting exercise for a rainy, grey day; to contemplate those things which are in my control to change regarding my character and/or life, and act upon them accordingly.

  2. Though you may possess many certificates and diplomas, skills and abilities, remember that these only mark your excellence in a small area. If you would be an excellent human being, then be an example of justice, temperance, wisdom, courage and compassion. - Insprired by Epictetus