August 24

HEALTH is a good, sickness an evil. No, sir. But what? A right use of health is good, a wrong one evil. So that in truth it is possible to be a gainer even by sickness.

EPICTETUS. DISCOURSES. Book iii. §20. ¶1.

AS one who had lived, and were now to die by right, whatsoever is yet remaining, bestow that wholly as a gracious overplus upon a virtuous life. Love and affect that only, whatsoever it be that happeneth, and is by the Fates appointed unto thee. For what can be more reasonable? And as anything doth happen unto thee by way of cross, or calamity, call to mind presently and set before thine eyes, the examples of some other men, to whom the selfsame thing did once happen likewise. Well, what did they? They grieved; they wondered; they complained. And where are they now?



  1. My summation of the two passages for the day...

    Strive to have a good attitude whether in sickness or in health.

    We are all going to die, just make sure you leave a will that leaves your surplus to good people, and live life as fully and virtuously as possible.

  2. "Some would tell you that health is good, and sickness evil. But this is not so. A right use of health is good, a wrong one evil. It is even possible for sickness to be good."

    Living well does not depend on external circumstances, but rather on how we choose to react to those circumstances. We have everything we need to live a good life within us. We can choose to behave courageously, act justly, discern wisely and use temperately. If we seek first these things, all of the rest may not be 'added unto us' but we will have gained something far more important; a virtuous life.