July 8

WHY, then, are you anxious? Why do you keep yourself waking? Why do not you calculate where your good and evil lies; and say they are both in my own power, neither can any deprive me of the one, or involve me, against my will, in the other? Why, then, do not I lay myself down and snore? What is my own is safe. Let what belongs to others look to itself who carries it off, how it is given away by him that hath the disposal of it. Who am I, to will that it should be so and so? For is the option given to me? Hath anyone made me the dispenser of it? What I have in my own disposal is enough for me. I must make the best I can of this. Other things must be as the master of them pleases.



  1. "I must make the best I can of this." Are we really making the best we can of situations. To earn serenity we must everything in our power to change situations.

  2. Make the best I can of this...

    While I am looking for work we need to make the best of what we have right now. We have veered from this goal somewhat. We still need to cut back in as many areas as possible in order to lessen our bottom line on the household expenses. Diligence is the key.

  3. We need to determine what is important to us, what is in our control, and then let the others go. Attachment, detachment and release... Three practices that I will try to do today.