July 4

"WE would live immediately as men already wise, and be of service to mankind."—Of what service? What are you doing? Why, have you been of service to yourself? "But you would exhort them." You exhort! Would you be of service to them, show them, by your own example, what kind of men philosophy makes, and be not impertinent. When you eat, be of service to those who eat with you; when you drink, to those who drink with you. Be of service to them, by giving way to all, yielding to them, bearing with them; and not by throwing out your own ill humour upon them.

EPICTETUS. DISCOURSES. Book iii. §13. ¶3

THERE is, who without so much as a Coat; and there is, who without so much as a book, doth put philosophy in practice. I am half naked, neither have I bread to eat, and yet I depart not from Reason, saith one. But I say; I want the food of good teaching, and instructions, and yet I depart not from Reason.


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  1. To be of service to all that you meet, not only the convenient, or the beautiful, that is living the life of a true Philosopher. To be of service when it is inconvenient, when you feel like being nasty, give them a smile. People will learn your philosophy by your actions and deeds. Your deeds speak so much louder than your words.