July 3

IF a person drinks water, or doth anything else for the sake of exercise, upon every occasion he tells all he meets, "I drink water." Why, do you drink water merely for the sake of drinking it? If it doth you any good to drink it, drink it; if not, you act ridiculously. But, if it is for your advantage, and you drink it, say nothing about it before those who are apt to take offence. What then? These are the very people you wish to please.

EPICTETUS. DISCOURSES. Book iii. §14. ¶2

WHAT art, and profession soever thou hast learned, endeavour to affect it, and comfort thyself in it ; and pass the remainder of thy life as one who from his whole heart commits himself and whatsoever belongs unto him, unto the gods, and as for men, carry not thyself either tyrannically or servilely towards any.



  1. Do what you do for your own reasons and don't be bothered about what other people think. Do not look for approval from others but "to thine own self be true".

  2. This is another facet of the 'wearing your philosophy on your sleeve' theme. Unlike the previous readings, where one claims philosophy as a badge of honour. Using the same idea as previous posts, if one was referred to as a Student, or Adherent, or whatever. This would prevent one from being too proud (you are a mere student) and protect the philosophy from the failings of the student.