July 24

“EITHER teach them, or bear with them."

“AM I to blame, then, sir, and ignorant of my duty and of what is incumbent on me? If this is neither to be learnt nor taught, why do you find fault with me? If it is to be taught, pray teach me yourself; or, if you cannot, give me leave to learn it from those who profess to understand it. Besides: do you think that I voluntarily fall into evil, and miss of good? Heaven forbid! What, then, is the cause of my faults?" — Ignorance. "Are you not willing, then, that I should get rid of my ignorance? Who was ever taught the art of music or navigation by anger? Do you expect, then, that your anger should teach me the art of living?"



  1. If we encounter one who is acting out of ignorance of what is truly good, then we must either teach them, or if they will not be taught, bear with then. If, however they become a danger to themselves or others, we must, as a gentle parent would, protect them from themselves.

  2. We must endeavour to teach those who do not understand the true consequences of their actions. Ignorance must not continue to be their excuse for wrong action. If they actually understand the consequences then we must try to protect them from themselves and in doing so protect others from the harm that their actions cause.