July 19

THERE are some things which men confess with ease ; others, with difficulty. No one, for instance, will confess himself a fool, or a blockhead; but, on the contrary, you will hear everyone say, "I wish my fortune was equal to my mind." But they easily confess themselves fearful, and say, “I am somewhat timorous, I confess; but in other respects you will not find me a fool." No one will easily confess himself intemperate in his desires; upon no account dishonest, nor absolutely very envious, or meddling; but many confess themselves to have the weakness of being compassionate.



  1. Humans find it easier to confess the grey areas in our life and find absolution from our peers. The darker areas still lay there festering in their anonymity. I find the light of Stoicism makes it easier to seek out those nastier parts of myself, bring them into the light, and face them for what they are. They then become lighter or get eradicated completely.

  2. Last year's comment really says it all for me. I am still working on the darker areas. I imagine that will be a lifelong practise.

  3. I am certainly a blockhead, probably a fool, and I wish I had the weakness of true compassion. I'll just have to work on those things as best I can...