July 14

SHOW me that you are faithful, a man of honour, steady; show me that you have friendly principles; show me that your vessel is not leaky, and you shall see that I will not stay till you have trusted your affairs to me; but I will come and entreat you to hear an account of mine. For who would not make use of a good vessel? Who despises a benevolent and friendly adviser? Who will not gladly receive one to share the burden of his difficulties, and by sharing to make it lighter? "Well, but I trust you, and you do not trust me." You do not really trust me: but you are a blab, and therefore can keep nothing in. For if the former be the case, trust only me. But now, whoever you see at leisure, you sit down by him and say: " My dear friend, there is not a man in the world that wishes me better, or hath more kindness for me than you: I entreat you to hear my affairs."


[Note: In the published volume, the July 13th and 14th entries are the reverse of those posted here. We have changed the order so that the passages follow each other as they do in the Discourses.]


  1. I aspire to be thought of as honourable, a true friend, a "vessel that is not leaky". The be one that can be trusted to keep someone's counsel, guard others hearts and offer sound advice when it is requested. A true friend.

  2. Prove that you are faithful, honourable, steady; let me see that you are a friend; show me that you have kept my trust. Then I will come to you, for there is no one that wishes me better, on has more kindness for me that you.

    We are true friends when we have kept the bonds sacred. When we are false to one, it is a breach of trust, a leak in our soul, a crack in our character. And a broken pot will always leak, eventually, no matter who pours themselves into us.

  3. A true friend must always be a true confidant. Someone who keeps a confidence always and is not tempted to tell otheres for the sake of popularity or convenience. A leaky vessel is no good for even the shortest of voyages but will capsize under the weight of the water. Let us be strong and sea worthy vessels, capable of holding counsel and confidences.