July 12

OLYMPIAN ZEUS doth not lift up his brow, but keeps a steady countenance, as becomes him who is about to say—

“The immutable decree No force can shake: what is, that ought to be."


“Such will I show myself to you: faithful, modest, noble, tranquil."—What, and immortal too, and exempt from age and sickness?—"No. But sickening and dying as becomes a god. This is in my power; this I can do. The other is not in my power, nor can I do it." Shall I show you the sinews of a philosopher?

What are they ?

A desire undisappointed: an aversion unincurred: pursuits duly exerted: a careful resolution: an unerring assent. These you shall see.



  1. This is a great quote. It summarized nicely what the central stoic core is.

    "A desire undisappointed: an aversion unincurred" - wanting only what is our power to will or avoid, that is our own attitudes.

    "pursuits duly exerted" - working virtuously towards virtuous ends.

    "a careful resolution" - resolving to do things with reservation.

    "an unerring assent" - reacting to the real meaning of events, not to what we think they mean.

  2. Ah this is quite the tall order and a lifetime's worth of pursuit of a Stoic's outlook on life. Reacting with prudence after comtemplation and control. Wanting what we have and pursuing only virtuous ends. These are goals worth striving for.

  3. The Sinews of a Stoic Philosopher

    Faithful, modest, and tranquil
    With nobility undettered
    A desire undisappointed
    And aversions unincurred

    Pursuits duly exerted
    Assents unerringly made
    Resolutions carefully taken
    And life embraced unafraid.