February 22

THIS, again, is folly and insolence to say: "I am impassive and undisturbed. Be it known to you, mortals, that while you are fluctuating and bustling about for things of no value, I alone am free from all perturbation." — Are you then so far from being contented with having no pain yourself, that you must needs make proclamation: "Come hither, all you who have the gout, or the headache, or a fever, or are lame, or blind, and see me free from every distemper." This is vain and shocking, unless you could show, like Aesculapius, by what method of cure they may presently become as free from distempers as yourself, and bring your own health as a proof of it.


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  1. The lessons of Stoicism are, in truth, not lessons merely for the self. If we are only interested in healing ourselves, then we have missed the point of Stoicism. Yes, we must each seek to find our own inner peace, but we are all part of a community, and as Stoics, we must share what has been of benefit to us, to strengthen the community, and in turn all the world.