June 22

BUT the care of thine honour and reputation will perchance distract thee. How can that be, if thou dost look back, and consider both how quickly all things that are, are forgotten, and what an immense chaos of eternity was before, and will follow after all things: and the vanity of praise, and the inconstancy and variableness of human Judgments and opinions, and the narrowness of the place, wherein it is limited and circumscribed? For the whole earth is but as one point; and of it, this inhabited part of it, is but a very little part; and of this part, how many in number, and what manner of men are they, that will commend thee? What remains then, but that thou often put in practice this kind of retiring of thyself, to this little part of thyself; and above all things, keep thyself from distraction, and intend not anything vehemently, but be free and consider all things, as a man, whose proper object is virtue, as a man, whose true nature is to be kind and sociable, as a Citizen, as a mortal creature.



  1. As a girl I went through an exercise of realizing just how small I was in the grand scheme of things. I spent a few moments totally freaked out feeling that I was going to disappear from existence because I was so infinitesimally small. Although we are small, we can make a difference now in this world. Sometimes when we look at the huge ills that plague this world we have moments of "what's the point" and "what can little me do"?

    We need to step away and realize that we are only ultimately responsible for our own lives and the lives of those closest to us. By living a life that is based on a strong virtue foundation, striving to make a difference each day, we can enrich the lives of those around us. This makes those around us happier and more content which in turn causes a small part of the world around us to be infected with our good influence.

  2. Each day I need to strive to live as an example of what virtuous living is. By leading with our example we will influence our children, the next generation, hopefully leaving a wiser legacy than perhaps the previous generation before us.

    Urban greening and homesteading, wise use of resources, preserving the environment... I hope these are ways that I can influence the world for the next generation. Living "according to nature" as much as humanly possible in a suburban environment.

  3. Above all things, don't let yourself get distracted or blinded by passion, but be free to think and act for yourself. Remember what your potential is for justice, courage, compassion, wisdom and temperance. Your true nature is to be kind and sociable, a citizen of the world, and yet a mortal animal. Strive to fulfill the promise of your nature. - Inspired by Marcus Aurelius

  4. Know thy place, human. You are of this earth, this universe, a simple yet intrinsic part. All is before your eyes, what is is revelation, you have but to perceive it correctly. Praise it rightly, with what is best in yourself, and the truth of it and of you --is yours.

  5. How often are we burdened by how others see us. It matters not as long as we are living with Virtue. We are nothing in the "immense chaos of eternity". There was an eternity before we were made on this earth and there will be an eternity after. We are here but for a moment and our duty is to live as fully and well as we can. Infamy lasts for but a few seconds, better to die unknown but true to self and one's principles.