June 20

THERE is not any man that is so happy in his death, but that some of those that are by him when he dies, will be ready to rejoice at his supposed calamity. Is it one that was virtuous and wise indeed? Will there not someone or other be found, who thus will say to himself, Well now at last shall I be at rest from this Pedagogue? He did not indeed otherwise trouble us much; but I know well enough that in his heart, he did much condemn us. Thus will they speak of the virtuous.


REMEMBER that all is but opinion, and all opinion depends of the mind. Take thine opinion away, and then as a ship that hath stricken in within the arms and mouth of the harbour, a present calm ; all things safe and steady ; a Bay, not capable of any storms and tempests : as the Poet hath it.



  1. Even though there will be people who are small minded and rejoice at the death of a noble person, I would rather be noble in life.

    Deal in the facts as much as possible rather than opinion and life will be much calmer.

  2. The passage on Opinion reminds me of the Stoic practice of Assent. What one sees is perception which are often accepted as facts,over which is laid our valuation of that 'fact.' That is what forms opinion. The practice of Assent divides valuation from perception, so that the perception can be validated, then a correct valuation (based on virtue, vice and indifferents) added to it to form our reaction of reality.

  3. The opinion of others doesn't really matter. What matters is that you are living up to your principles and values. Surround yourself with true and loving friends who know you and accept you for who you are and rest in the bay of their love and respect, knowing that you have done the right thing. Let others have their false perceptions of you, you and your loved ones know the true measure of who you are.