June 19

AS the sun doth not wait for prayers and incantations to be prevailed on to rise, but immediately shines forth, and is received with universal salutation: so, neither do you wait for applauses and shouts and praises, in order to do good ; but be a voluntary benefactor, and you will be beloved like the sun.


WHEN it is our duty to share the danger of a friend or of our country, we ought not to consult the oracle whether we shall share it with them or not. For, though the diviner should forewarn you that the victims are unfavourable, this means no more than that either death or mutilation or exile is portended. But we have reason within us, and it directs, even with these hazards, to stand by our friend and our country. Attend, therefore, to the greater diviner, the Pythian god, who cast out of the temple the person who gave no assistance to his friend while another was murdering him.



  1. While we often have down days we need strive to be constant in our nature. Try to be a positive influence on those around us with our friendly and positive outlook. Our moral code can also stand as an example to others and effect small changes in the world around us. I will strive to be a positive influence in my interactions today.

  2. Paraphrase of Fragment 83: Do not wait for applause, shouts or praise in order to do good; be a voluntary benefactor, and shine on all like the sun.

    Acting virtuously must be its own reward. We need not wait for permission to do good. We should neither seek recognition prior to performing what we ought, nor expect the approbation of others for having done our duty. Live virtuously, express the best that is in your nature, and you will find joy and equanimity, and these will be reward enough.