October 14

THUS are we too affected. What do we admire? Externals. For what do we strive? Externals. And are we, then, in any doubt how we come to fear and be solicitous? What is the consequence, then, when we esteem the things that are brought upon us to be evils? We cannot but fear; we cannot but be solicitous. And then we say, "O Lord God, how shall I avoid solicitude!" Have you not hands, fool? Hath not God made them for you? Sit down now and pray that your nose may not run! Wipe it rather, and do not murmur. Well: and hath He given you nothing in the present case? Hath not He given you patience? Hath not He given you magnanimity? Hath not He given you fortitude? When you have such hands as these, do you still seek for somebody to wipe your nose? But we neither study nor regard these things.

EPICTETUS. DISCOURSES. Book ii. §16. ¶2.

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  1. We want to change our "world" or our situation? We need to get off of our hands and start doing the work necessary. I am reminded of the old adage "the Lord helps those who help themselves". Although I am not necessarily religious in the traditional sense, I do know that the only one who can change a situation is myself by doing the work necessary to change it.