September 30

OH, wretched I! to whom this mischance is happened! nay, happy I, to whom this thing being happened, I can continue without grief; neither wounded by that which is present, nor in fear of that which is to come. For as for this, it might have happened unto any man, but any man having such a thing befallen him, could not have continued without grief. Why then should that rather be an unhappiness, than this a happiness? But however, canst thou, O man! term that unhappiness, which is no mischance to the nature of man! Canst thou think that a mischance to the nature of man, which is not contrary to the end and will of his nature? What then hast thou learned is the will of man's nature? Doth that then which hath happened unto thee, hinder thee from being just? or magnanimous? or temperate? or wise? or circumspect? or true? or modest? or free? or from anything else of all those things in the present enjoying and possession whereof the nature of man (as then enjoying all that is proper unto her,) is fully satisfied?



  1. No matter what happens, I can maintain my serenity, for I am neither chained to the past, wounded by the present, or in fear of the future. Nevertheless, I am connected to all things, and all people are in my care, for I am not distracted from my calling by mere circumstance. Can anything prevent me from being just? Can my moderation be forced from me? In fact, in all things and at all times I can act as Sage would, wisely and with compassion. How can I then be made a lesser man by anything outside of myself? - Inspired by Marcus Aurelius

  2. This quote is especially applicable today. I am in the worst pain that I have felt in about seven months. It is a rainy, cold, damp day and my body is on fire. Even so, I am happy. I have so much in my life to be thankful for. I will great the day with peace in my heart and be thankful that all the pieces of my body that hurt are there and I can still feel them. I will focus on the things that I am thankful for and maintain my equilibrium.