September 27

WHAT is this, that now my fancy is set upon? of what things doth it consist? how long can it last? which of all the virtues, is the proper virtue for this present use? as whether meekness, fortitude, truth, faith, sincerity, contentedness, or any of the rest? Of everything therefore thou must use thyself to say. This immediately comes from God, This by that fatal connection and concatenation of things, or (which almost comes to one) by some coincidental casualty. And as for this, it proceeds from my neighbour, my kinsman, my fellow: through his ignorance indeed, because he knows not what is truly natural unto him: But I know it, and therefore carry myself towards him according to the natural law of fellowship; that is kindly, and justly. As for those things that of themselves are altogether indifferent, as in my best judgment I conceive everything to deserve more or less, so I carry myself towards it.



  1. Brilliant self examination. Before reacting, think about these things.

  2. When setting our sights on something or someone we must consider what effect this "something" will have on our life. What will its effect be... Is it of a good influence? If it is neither good nor bad I must count the cost of attaining it and maintaining it in my life. I cannot pursue it in an immoral fashion or at the expense of more important things. Definitely thing to consider when making decisions and moving forward in life.

  3. Some times what may appear to be virtuous or of goodness maybe the exact opposite of what we are striving for. We need to focus on the big picture without getting bogged down in the mire of minutiae. This is why I study Stoicism, so that I have the tools to make accurate judgements regarding "indifferents". Basing my decisions on my true nature and the goals that I have set, allows me to move forward in life. Even if we feel we are moving forward in inches we are still moving forward towards our goals.