September 12

Neither the labour which the hand does nor that of the foot is contrary to nature, so long as the foot does the foot's work and the hand the hand's. So then neither to a man, as a man, is his labour contrary to nature, so long as it does the things of a man. But if the labour is not contrary to his nature, neither is it an evil to him.

How many pleasures have been enjoyed by robbers, patricides, tyrants.


DOTH either the Sun take upon him to do that which belongs to the rain? or his son Esculapius that, which unto the Earth doth properly belong? How is it with every one of the stars in particular? Though they all differ one from another, and have their several charges and functions by themselves, do they not all nevertheless concur and co-operate to one end?



  1. Like the stars, humans are all noticably different, with different spheres of influence and responsibilities. Just like the stars, we need to "concur and co-operate to one end" with each other. Although we are all on different roads at times those roads cross and we can help each other along our roads. Helping each other attain our individual purposes and working towards completing this complex dance of the universe together. Carrying a load for someone who has grown weary, encouraging each other and facilitating another's purpose while still fulfilling your own. As the poet said, "No Man is an Island" and when one of us is deterred from his path, all of humanity is thrown off kilter from the universal dance. Let us strive to achieve our purpose and be good to each other long the way.

  2. When we act in accord with our best nature, though difficult, we are not harmed. We are expressing the best in ourselves when we choose to act virtuously. The pleasure of doing things correctly is instrinsic to the act, though it may be deeply buried. However when we first seek pleasure, we miss the mark, and often will choose the vicious means to an ephemeral end. When pleasure fires our goal, all else in our life is burned as fuel. - Marcus Aurelius.

  3. and this is why we study Stoicism... to find out the "nature of man"... at least this is what Stoicism teaches me. :)