March 25

THE true joy of a man is to do that which properly belongs unto a man. That which is most proper unto a man, is First, to be kindly affected towards them, that are of the same kind and nature as he is himself; to contemn all sensual motions and appetites; to discern rightly all plausible fancies and imaginations, to contemplate the nature of the Universe; both it, and all things that are done in it. In which kind of contemplation three several relations are to be observed. The first, to the apparent secondary cause. The second, to the first original cause, God, from whom originally proceeds whatsoever doth happen in the world. The third and last, to them that we live and converse with: what use may be made of it, to their use and benefit.


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  1. Summary: "True joy is to be kind to others, to avoid thoughtless actions, to discern rightly, and to contemplate the nature of the Universe."

    We are often so focussed on things and people outside of us to provide us with joy. The truth is that true joy comes from within. To be kind, thoughtful, deliberate and mindful of who we are, and how we might be of use in the world.