March 15

IF we had any understanding, ought we not both, in public and in private, incessantly to sing hymns, and speak well of the Deity, and rehearse His benefits? Ought we not, whether we are digging, or ploughing, or eating, to sing the hymn to God? Great is God, who has supplied us with these instruments to till the ground: great is God, who has given us hands, a power of swallowing, a stomach: who has given us to grow insensibly, to breathe in sleep. Even these things we ought upon every occasion to celebrate; but to make it the subject of the greatest and most divine hymn, that He has given us the faculty of apprehending them, and using them in a proper way. Well then: because the most of you are blind and insensible, was it not necessary that there should be someone to fill this station, and give out, for all men, the hymn to God? For what else can I, a lame old man, do but sing hymns to God? If I was a nightingale, I would act the part of a nightingale: if a swan, the part of a swan. But, since I am a reasonable creature, it is my duty to praise God. This is my business. I do it. Nor will I ever desert this post as long as it is vouchsafed me; and I exhort you to join in the same song.



  1. Well... this is just not working for me this morning. I am seeing logic leaps in this... I guess I will have to think on this one some more.

  2. And if I were a bell, I'd go Ding-Dong-Ding-Dong-Ding.

    Is this a human trait, that we MUST worship deity? Is Piety a virtue, like the Courage, Justice, Temperance and Wisdom?

  3. a year later, and still this saying doesn't hit me as being relevant to our lives now. Time to change it out.