November 21

WHATSOEVER thou dost hereafter aspire unto, thou mayest even now enjoy and possess, if thou dost not envy thyself thine own happiness. And that will be, if thou shalt forget all that is past, and for the future, refer thyself wholly to the divine providence, and shalt bend and apply all thy present thoughts and intentions, to holiness and righteousness. To holiness, in accepting willingly whatsoever is sent by the divine providence, as being that which the nature of the Universe hath appointed unto thee, which also hath appointed thee for that, whatsoever it be. To righteousness, in speaking the Truth freely, and without ambiguity ; and in doing all things justly and discreetly. Now in this good course, let not other men's either wickedness, or opinion, or voice hinder thee: no, nor the sense of this thy pampered mass of flesh: for let that which suffers, look to itself


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  1. Why are you waiting to start your life? Why do you look to the future for peace, or the past for happiness? These things are yours already. Leave the past to the memory of your former self, and trust the future to your future self. You need only act in the present with virtue, with justice and courage, compassion and moderation, and most of all wisdom. Then peace, happiness, serenity, in short, the life you long for, will already be at your feet. - Inspired by Marcus Aurelius