November 19

I AM at leisure. My mind is under no distraction. In this freedom from distraction, what shall I do? Have I anything more becoming a man than this? You, when you have nothing to do, are restless ; you go to the theatre, or perhaps to bathe. Why should not the philosopher polish his reasoning? You have fine crystal and myrrhin vases; I have acute forms of reasoning. To you, all you have appears little; to me, all I have great. Your appetite is insatiable; mine is satisfied. When children thrust their hand into a narrow jar of nuts and figs, if they fill it they cannot get it out again; then they fall a-crying. Drop a few of them and you will get out the rest. And do you too drop your desire; do not covet many things, and you will get some.

EPICTETUS. DISCOURSES. Book iii. §9. ¶1, 2.

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  1. Wow my mind is frequently if not always under "a distraction". My question is what should life look like... what components do I want my life to have... Do I do away and gradually decrease the rest of my life like superfluous chaff? Some hard questions and possibly hard answers on a wintry Friday morning. Hmmmm...