November 15

WHAT says Antisthenes, then? Have you never heard? "It is kingly, O Cyrus, to do well, and to be ill spoken of." My head is well, and all around me think it aches. What is that to me ? I am free from a fever; and they compassionate me as if I had one." Poor soul, what a long while have you had this fever! "I say, too, with a dismal countenance, Ay, indeed, it is now a long time that I have been ill.—" What can be the consequence, then? "What pleases God. And at the same time I secretly laugh at them who pity me. What forbids, then, but that the same may be done in the other case? I am poor, but I have right principles concerning poverty. What is it to me, then, if people pity me for my poverty? I am not in power, and others are; but I have such opinions as I ought to have concerning power, and the want of power.


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