January 5 - Equanimity

What madness to be dragged along by the divine will, rather than follow it!
Seneca's Dialogues book vii, chap, xv, sec. 6

Fear and penitence for those who can neither rule nor obey their desires.
Seneca's Dialogues 6 book ix, chap, ii, sec. 8

It is better to look at common customs and vices calmly, without either laughing or weeping, since the former is a cruel pleasure, and the latter an endless grief.
Seneca's Dialogues book ix, chap, xv, sec. 5.


  1. If we observe behaviour in the world that we find abhorrent we need to look for ways to help change that behaviour rather than to judge and berate but do nothing to help. It is better to teach correct behaviour by example and sound teaching than to just scorn others for their lack of refinement.

  2. If the state of affairs in the world moves you, don't let it move you to mockery and disdain. It is a cruel person who takes pleasure in the suffering of others. Don't let it move you to tears and despair. You will never cease weeping. If you are moved at all, be moved to care and act, to change what is at hand and under your control.