January 4 - Equanimity

Wisdom shows her strength by her peace amid trouble, like an army encamped in safety in a hostile land.
Seneca's ??, chap, xxi, sec. 4

In the upper air there is neither cloud nor storm, and so in the lofty soul there is always peace.
Seneca's On Anger, book iii, chap, iv, sec. 3

Peace of mind comes by meditating diligently over wise maxims, by doing our duty, and by setting our hearts on what is noble.
Seneca's On Anger, book iii, chap xli, sec. 2


  1. It is very easy to get depressed or lose control of your life when things are so uncertain. Focusing on the virtues and determining what is "in my control", focusing on right actions and decisions helps me to keep despair at bay. I can be thankful for all of the good things in my life. I have riches in the most important things, love, family and friends.

  2. We need to hear and learn from the wise, meditate on their words and consider their meaning to us. But more than this, we need to let these drive us to action, to do our duty virtuously, and to raise our vision to yet loftier and nobler goals. If we do not act on what we have learned, then it is merely air and song and pretty words.