January 3 - Equanimity

We become happy by not needing happiness.
Seneca's On Providence, chap, vi, sec. 5

Fortune conquers us, unless she is conquered utterly.
Seneca's On Firmness, chap, xv, sec. 3

He is free who arises above all injuries, and finds all his joys within himself.
Seneca's On Firmness, chap, xix, sec. 2


  1. The underlying theme in the phrases for today seems to be the need to anchor our lives on permanence rather than impermanence, on what is in our control rather than outside of our sphere of influence. It is in my control to be a worthy person, living a virtuous and productive life. It is not in my control to have the perfect job or the nicest house, etc. It doesn't matter where I live as long as I am comfortable in my own skin and at peace with who I am.

  2. Happiness is not a goal to be reached for or a prize to be won. It is the reward of a life well lived, of freedom from the fear of fate, of placing our focus on what is in our control. So I ask myself today: what can I do today?

  3. Sounds like a great book for a new year. Looking forward to these and many other reads.