January 26 - Equanimity

To distinguish between good and bad, advantageous and disadvantageous, helpful and harmful is the part of none other than the philosopher, who constantly occupies himself with this very question, how not to be ignorant of any of these things, and has made it his art to understand what conduces to a man's happiness or unhappiness.
Musonius Rufus, Lecture viii

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  1. If you are unhappy, consider your understanding of happiness. Do you think happiness is a certain ordering of the universe around you? Is your happiness based on another's actions, approval or words? Are you happy only when your body is free from pain? But none of these things are under your control! Either the universe is cruel, and has given you a hunger for a happiness that will forever be beyond your reach. Or you have misunderstood happiness, that it is in what you do, your acts of justice, courage, compassion and moderation. If you are unhappy then, consider these things, then go and help someone anyway.