January 23 - Equanimity

Always remember that very little is needed for living a happy life.
Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, book vii, sec. 67

Whatever happens is an opportunity for acting reasonably and kindly; in short, becomingly, toward either God or man.
Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, book vii, sec. 68

The soul has power to live most happily, if she will not be anxious about what is unimportant.
Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, book xi, sec. 16

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  1. These verses remind me of the KISS principle that I learnt while programming for computers. The KISS principle stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. This is a principle that needs to be applied to our everyday lives. We get caught up in materialism, conspiracies, etc. which cause us to be unhappy and dissatisfied with our lives. If we can focus on the virtues while applying the KISS rule to our lives we will be much kinder, happier, gentler souls.