January 21 - Equanimity

How easy to drive away every thought that is troublesome, or unfriendly, and be at peace at once.
Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, book v, sec. 2

Nothing comes upon any man which he is not formed to bear.
Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, book v, sec. 18

Is it not better to use what you have, like a free man, than to long, like a slave, for what is not in your power?
Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, book ix, sec. 40


  1. When you are troubled, remember how easy it is to return to a state of inner calm and peace. First, remember that you can bear anything, that there is nothing in this universe that can take away you power to choose. Second, remember that you already have everything at hand that you need to make your choice. Third, remember that by choosing that which is within your power, you will not be enslaved to the whims of others, or the circumstances that surround you. Then you will be free, you will be powerful, you will be at peace.

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