January 10 - Equanimity

Whom am I to conquer? Not the Persians, nor the distant Medes, nor the warlike tribes who dwell beyond Dacia, but avarice, ambition, and fear of death, who subdue the conquerors of the nations.
Seneca's Epistles, lxxi, sec. 37

Take care not to make your pain greater by your complaints. If you will say, 'It is nothing,' or, at least, 'It is slight, and about to cease,' you will make it what you think it.
Seneca's Epistles, lxxii, sec. 4

What is really evil? To yield to what is called so, and give up our liberty, which ought to be kept at every cost. Farewell, freedom, if we do not scorn everything that would enslave us!
Seneca's Epistles, lxxxvi, sec. 28

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