January 1 - Equanimity

The wise man needs much, but wants nothing; the fool needs nothing, but wants everything.
Chrissypus, quoted in Seneca 's Epistles, ix , sec. 14.

Fight fortune with thine own weapons, for she will give thee none which can be used against herself.
Posidonius, quoted in Seneca's Epistles, cxiii, sec. 28

He is king who fears nothing and longs for nothing. Everyone may give himself the kingdom of noble thoughts.
Chorus in Thyestes, probably written by Seneca, line 388


  1. At this time in my life I find myself slipping into the fool's stance of "fear" far to often. Passages like these help me to remember that "things" really don't matter as no one can actually force me to feel poor unless I choose to.

  2. As I enter this new year, jobless, with my home and future in question, I need this reminder. I already have all that I need to overcome these things. I can be a good man, a virtuous man, a generous and caring man, with or without any of these externals.